11 Ultimate Home Theaters

The big screens at the store are huge, however  these amazing home theaters are something else. Check out what you can do with an unlimited budget and you’ll never need to go out to the movies again. 1. Poolside Cinema 2. Ultimate Sound 3. The Cave 4. Red Room 5. Details 6. Room for 14 7. Widescreen 8. Film Cellar 9. Full Bar […]

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Best Home Theaters

The Cost Of A DIY Move In New England

Moving expenses vary widely depending on factors like home size, distance to move, season, location, and level of service. Owners of larger properties generally hire moving companies to handle the loading, driving, and unloading of their stuff. We wanted to research the costs associated with local ‘do it yourself’ moves, for those with smaller properties. […]

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VT Real Estate

The 10 Best Home Renovation, Design, And Style Blogs To Inspire Your Next Project

There is an endless supply of online photos, pins, and apps available showing the latest design and renovation trends. The following blogs offer additional firsthand insights into the renovation and design projects many are inspired to take on. 1. Remodel-aholic – This family has remodeled several homes over the life of the blog. They believe in adhering to […]

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Real Estate VT

Be A Good Neighbor – The Front Porch Forum Story

Michael Wood-Lewis and his wife Valerie founded Front Porch Forum (FPF) in their Burlington neighborhood in 2006.  FPF hosts a statewide network of online neighborhood forums in Vermont, and 90,000 households subscribe. We chatted with Michael recently to find out more about the company. What is Front Porch Forum? FPF a statewide network of online neighborhood […]

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Front Porch Forum

14 Mudrooms That Can Handle A New England Winter

Northern New England winters can be harsh on home interiors. We’ve gathered a collection of some amazing entryways and mudrooms that will surely help keep the elements controlled in your home. All photos are courtesy of Houzz.com. Click each photo to find out more. 1. The worn rug in this small space ties it all together. 2. The […]

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New England Mudroom