Vermont and New Hampshire: Real Estate Market Report First Half 2017

In this report, you will find year over year market trends by Region/Town in order to provide you with the most updated information so you can make informed decisions as you evaluate your real estate options.
To keep you better informed, we have recently launched a new Mobile App which will result in more traffic to your listings. You can download our new App at  Additionally, we will be rolling out a new program in the Fall that will allow our Agents to provide you with monthly market information on a local level via a Neighborhood News newsletter which will provide dynamic market conditions so you always have the most updated information.

Overall, the market remains strong, however, we are experiencing a shortage of inventory in many price points in many of our regions and towns. Mortgage rates are increasing modestly, but are still at relatively historic lows. As long as the economy continues to grow, we see the current trends continuing into the second half of 2017.
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