About Stratton

One of Vermont's premier mountain resorts, Stratton Mountain is nothing short of a true skier's paradise. There is always something happening at the slopeside Village at Stratton, Stratton Mountain Club and at Stratton Sports Center. Stratton is a mountain community in every sense of the word. Visitors are welcomed. Friendships are formed instantaneously. Nowhere are strong bonds more quickly built, lasting memories more easily made. In fact, for many families, what began as a simple seasonal rental has transformed into a deep connection that lasts for generations on end.

Stratton Village — Vintage old world charm ...

With its cobblestone streets lit by snow-covered lamps, charming cafes and retail shops, bustling charm and eclectic fine dining, a visit to Stratton feels like a stay in an exclusive European resort. But it takes no time at all to realize that Stratton is a resort for everyone. Hardcore skiing or family fun. Elegant slopeside condo owner or cozy off-mountain renter. Outdoor enthusiast or seasoned shopper (or both!). It's easy to be a village for everyone when you're a village that has everything. And a strength of community rarely found these days – between locals, second homeowners, seasonal renters; and between Stratton and the towns that surround it – Winhall, Peru, Jamaica, Londonderry. The homes, shops and restaurants of Stratton Village may cover a small geographical area, but to be a part of Stratton is to be a part of something much, much bigger.

... With a timeless sense of community

And the Stratton home market reflects this. Nowhere do we see more people renting for a season, then deciding to stay just a bit longer, planting roots, building families and weaving themselves firmly and contentedly into the fabric of the community. People come to Stratton because they hear about the fresh air and active lifestyle; the world-class lifts, trails, grooming and snowmaking; the excitement and action of the shops, the restaurants, the nightlife. They return because they have to experience it again and again. And they stay because they have found a home.